Handling State Tax Debt

If you owe the State Department of Revenue for Kansas or Missouri tax, help from an expert is crucial to diminishing or resolving the debt. Our mediation team deals with the IRS and state agencies on a daily basis. Experience and knowledge of the processes and procedures are some of the best qualities to have… read more

Hike in Kansas Income Tax

The State of Kansas Personal Income Taxes Just Increased! Starting on July 1st, this could result in a much larger amount being directly withheld from your paycheck. However, these changes will be retroactive to January 1st. Not only will you see the hike in percentage for your tax bracket, but many employers will be using… read more

Help Tax Debt Disappear – Kansas City Tax Mediation

Do you owe money to the IRS? Are you in need of help? Tax debt can lead to garnishments, liens, and other collection efforts… along with a LOT of stress. Many people in the Kansas City area have unresolved tax issues. We specialize in helping you, our fellow taxpayer, with all of your needs. Your… read more

Kansas Garnishment Help

In most cases, debt that results in a garnishment of wages can only be up to 25% of a person’s net income and there must first be a court judgment in order to start the collection. In the case where the debt is owed to the Department of Revenue in Kansas, garnishment can sometimes be… read more

Tax Help for Missouri Taxpayers

Do you feel like you need a crisis deterrence team? A disaster solution squad? A burden diminishing super hero crew? Whatever you want to call us, we’re here to save the day as your Missouri tax help experts. Although we are able to handle issues with any state department of revenue, Missouri is one of… read more