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Confront your IRS Tax Problem Head-On

If you have an IRS tax problem, don’t let it ruin your life.  Don’t let it keep you up at night, make you afraid to open your mailbox, or file your tax return at the end of the year.  Don’t let your IRS tax problem tell you what to do! IRS tax problems require solutions.… read more

Get Your Refund with Injured Spouse

There is a lot of confusion about Injured Spouse and what it does. Here’s the scenario that Injured Spouse protection was meant to address: let’s say you just married somebody who has to pay child support payments and is behind; or maybe they owe back taxes.  When your spouse has filed his/her return in the… read more

Do You Need an IRS Negotiator?

If you’re one of those taxpayers who’s kept his or her nose clean for their entire lives, chances are you’re probably not on this web site or reading this blog entry.  For the rest of you, it may be that you need to hire an IRS negotiator. Some tax problems are minor.  In fact, we… read more

We Help File Tax Returns

With a business as unique as Kansas City Tax Mediation, it’s easy for us to get caught up all of the things we have to do: getting Power of Attorney, negotiating with the IRS, coming up with tax strategies.  But a core component of our business, and the first step for the majority of our… read more

You May Not Need a Tax Attorney for Your Case

Often our new clients will tell us that they have met with a tax attorney and declined their services because the cost was too high.  While a good tax attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case, you don’t always need to incur the costs of one.  Sometimes a CPA is… read more

Try a Penalty Abatement

Sometimes we have clients come in who are able to pay their tax debt in full.  They have filed all of their tax returns on time every year but they have a really good reason that they got behind.  While they may end up paying the amount of taxes due in full, they could qualify… read more

Tax Relief is a Short Drive to the I-35 and 75th Street

Do you have tax problems?  Tax Relief is so close to you it’s not even funny.  Kansas City Tax Mediation specializes in providing tax relief to Kansas City area taxpayers.  In our conversations with clients who have been looking for tax relief, we have found that many Kansas Citians prefer to discuss tax relief face… read more

Tax Bankruptcy Discharge

Believe it or not, not every tax problem needs to be handled by a CPA.  Sometimes you need an attorney.  Such is the case with a tax bankruptcy discharge. Some taxpayers are eligible to discharge their taxes in bankruptcy.  A tax bankruptcy discharge is a good option for taxpayers who owe not only tax debt… read more