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The Missouri Department of Revenue

Lots of our clients come in with a story that goes like this: We filed our federal tax return and we don’t owe them anything but the Missouri Department of Revenue is on our case!  How is this possible if I worked in Kansas during that year? The fact is, if you live in Missouri… read more

Why You Want Local Tax Help

Imagine you are on trial for murder.  You didn’t do it but there’s lots of evidence against you.  The outcome of this trial is extremely important. Now imagine what type of attorney you would like to be representing you during this process.  How would you go about selecting an attorney?  Would you call a law… read more

Let’s Get Through This Together!

Whether you’ve heard our ad on the radio or seen it elsewhere on the internet (or even read one of our blog posts), you know that our motto is “Let’s get through this together.”  With all of the tax resolution companies from out of state vying for your business, we felt it was important that… read more

Be Smart About Your Tax Debt

For many years now the tax resolution industry has claimed in its advertising (or at least implied in its advertising) that it can settle your tax debt.  If you are on this web site reading this blog, the chances are that you are a savvy consumer.  Congratulations.  We will invite you to think about what… read more

Which Tax Settlement is Best?

There are many different ways to settle your taxes.  Each way has its advantages, and each way has its drawbacks. For example, if your form is tax settlement is an Offer in Compromise but you have lots of money in an IRA or 401(k), you may be able to pay less than what you owe,… read more

Back Taxes Have You Down?

Let’s face it: back taxes can be a drag.  If you were self-employed and did not pay your taxes, that’s a good third of your income that you have to pay back, with interest and penalties, with back taxes.  That’s higher than most people’s mortgage. If you haven’t filed tax returns, then the back taxes… read more

Offer in Compromise May be Your Way Out

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we understand that only between 10-20% of Offer in Compromise petitions are ever accepted.  We also understand that there are a lot of drawbacks to filing for an Offer in Compromise (for example, it forces a taxpayer to give a full financial statement to the IRS, it extends the ten… read more

When you have an IRS problem, it’s possible you need tax help.  A cursory glance on google, or a quick listen to just about any radio station, will tell you that there is no shortage of companies nationwide that claim to be able to give you the tax help you need.  We at KCTM find… read more

Protect Yourself from the Kansas Department of Revenue

If you had to choose between owing the Kansas Department of Revenue and the IRS, you would be much better off owing the IRS.  As those who have owed them money have learned all to painfully, the Kansas Department of Revenue has an extremely inflexible approach to collecting taxes. Even as Kansas becomes a more… read more

IRS Wage Garnishments Should Not Last

If you’ve had an IRS wage garnishment, that should not normally be a permanent solution to your tax problem.  With an IRS wage garnishment, the IRS (or the state in some cases) is trying to get your attention.  If you continue to ignore them, the IRS wage garnishment will continue until the amount they say… read more