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File Tax Returns Quickly

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, when a taxpayer meets with us and has unfiled tax returns, the case always begins the same way: file tax returns immediately. Don’t have the money?  We don’t care, you’re still better off if you file tax returns even if you can’t pay. Do you wonder why Wesley Snipes went… read more

Maybe You Don’t Need a Tax Attorney

If you have tax problems, it is entirely possible that you may need a tax attorney.  In fact, there have been cases when we have turned clients down and recommended that they retain a tax attorney or other type of attorney. Don’t hire a tax attorney if you just have unfiled returns that need to… read more

What is a Penalty Abatement?

Many taxpayers owe lots and lots of money to the IRS.  If they do not qualify to settle the taxes for less via one of the IRS’s settlement programs, we might recommend a penalty abatement. A penalty abatement allows the IRS to reduce or eliminate the penalties from a tax return that is not paid… read more

Can You Really Settle Taxes?

There is a tax myth, widely believed among many of our new clients: that anybody can settle taxes. Let’s take an extreme example: Bob the Billionaire.  Bob has billions of dollars in the bank, and could write checks for amounts that most people couldn’t imagine having.  Now let’s say Bob files his tax return and… read more

Tax Relief, Honestly

So many taxpayers in the Kansas City metropolitan area are in need of tax relief.  Many of them are or were small business owners who got in over their heads with the taxes (hint: it’s very easy for that to happen) and they need tax relief.  One challenge that they find is that while companies… read more

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you spend the majority of time trying to decode the Internal Revenue Code, as we do at Kansas City Tax Mediation, the mysteries are endless.  Why do we have the rules that we have?  Why are some deductions available for your tax return but not for collections purposes?  What is the exact rule when… read more

What to Expect When You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

So you have unfiled tax returns.  Maybe you didn’t get around to it, and the next year you didn’t do it either, and the years of unfiled tax returns piled up you worried about it less and less. Here’s what you can expect when you have unfiled tax returns: Long Time Coming You will probably… read more

Tax Representation

Many people who have tax problems need the tax skills of a CPA but the tax representation skills of an attorney.  Unless they are well off, they do not have large amounts of money to spend on either, let alone both. People needing tax representation sometimes turn to the first company they hear advertising on… read more