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Offer in Compromise: Can You?

The majority of our new clients will ask us about doing an Offer in Compromise.  Some of them have attempted to file one themselves only to either be utterly confused or submit it and have it rejected. Kansas City Tax Mediation has filed several successful Offers in Compromise.  We know how to file them and push… read more

Tax Help and Only Tax Help

We’ve all had the experience of being sold much more than what we want.  When you buy a car, the chances are an attempt will be made to sell you a warranty, a protective coat over the car and any number of add-ons you don’t want.  Well you may not realize this, but many national… read more

Kansas Department of Revenue Help

There’s no way around it: the Kansas Department of Revenue is particularly difficult to deal with. As a general rule, the IRS is easier to work with than states.  This is because it is so large and its tactics have been so heavily litigated that taxpayers have lots of recourse if they feel that the… read more

IRS Wage Garnishment

It happens too often.  Some hard working Kansas Citian goes to work on payday, thinking of all the wonderful things he will do with his paycheck.  They hand out the checks and to his horror, the check that is normally for $1,500 after taxes for two weeks of work only says . . . $390.38!… read more

Overcome Your IRS Tax Problem

If you have a tax problem, then you may not sleep as well at night as you used to, not knowing what the next day will hold.  You may not look forward to payday the way you used to, unsure whether your tax problem will prevent you from being paid.  You may dread logging onto… read more

Use a Local CPA

It’s what you call a no-brainer.  Would you rather hire a local CPA or an out of state tax resolution company. You hear the out of state companies advertising on the radio.  It’s uncommon that a local CPA firm will advertise on the radio–Kansas City Tax Mediation is exceptional in that regard.  That’s because most local… read more

Injured Spouse – The Best of Both Worlds

What do you do if you have tax debt but your spouse does not?  The IRS and state will certainly take your refund and your spouse wants his/hers.  After all, that is your tax debt, not theirs!  Are you doomed to file separate returns, forever foregoing the countless benefits of filing a joint return (most… read more

Tax Bankruptcy Discharge–

Most people who come in to our office do not know or believe that a tax bankruptcy discharge is possible.  It’s no wonder–a tax bankruptcy discharge (when you discharge tax debt via bankruptcy, through a judge, rather than administratively through the IRS), is a complex subject and there are many rules that will disqualify you… read more