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Does Owing Kansas Taxes Hurt Your Credit?

As you may know, it’s easy to drop your credit score down but it’s incredibly hard and takes a lot of time and diligence to get the score back up. Not paying your owed Kansas taxes on April 15th doesn’t hurt your credit score, but how you choose to pay them back does. Today we… read more

Missouri Department of Revenue Problems

Living in the Kansas City metropolitan is fantastic.  It has been called the biggest small town  in the world.  From barbecue to jazz to the Chiefs and the Royals, Kansas City is truly unique.  Because Kansas City straddles a state line, living in the KC area also presents some unique tax challenges.  One of them… read more

You Can’t Beat Local Tax Help

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in tax trouble, you should really consider using local tax help rather than a national tax resolution firm.  Here are the reasons why: 1 – The Federal Trade Commission and the Office of Professional Responsibility within the IRS have both publicly stated that they are on the… read more

Let’s Get Through This Together, Kansas City

If you have tax problems, we can help.  Let’s get through this together. “Let’s get through this together” is our company’s motto and we include it in all of our advertising for an important reason.  When we agree to help a client through a tax problem, it becomes our problem.  We want to shoulder that… read more

Tax Debt, Away With Thee!

We have seen otherwise stable, responsible people have their lives ripped apart by tax debt.  Grown men in tears.  It has ended marriages and booted people from their homes.  It is no exaggeration to say that tax debt is one of the social ills that infect America today. If you have tax debt, you’ll notice… read more

Tax Settlement

There are 12 strategies for tax settlement.  They range from figuring out a way to pay the balance in full with a client’s current assets to tax settlement for next to nothing, “pennies on the dollar.”  Many national tax resolution companies will sell everybody who calls on the Offer in Compromise, which is just one of the… read more

Solutions to Back Taxes

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS or state?  You may be tempted to approach this problem on your own.  If you’re concerned about the IRS garnishing your wages, levying your bank account, or insisting that you pay more than you are able to pay, it might be worth it to hire somebody to… read more