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Frequently Asked Kansas Tax Questions

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help Kansas and Missouri residents with their back tax settlement and tax mediation. As a registered CPA firm, we help you solve Missouri and Kansas tax problems. Because tax language can be very confusing for someone who hasn’t had much experience with it, we get a lot of the same questions… read more

We Specialize in Kansas Tax Problems

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of owing Kansas tax to the Kansas Department of Revenue, then you know that they can be a particularly ruthless organization when it comes to the collection of Kansas tax.  The IRS is an extremely large organization, and whose collection procedures are constantly being reformed through Congress in ways that favor… read more

Owe Back Taxes?

There are so many ways a taxpayer can come to owe back taxes without intending to.  If you earn regular W-2 wages and have the correct amount withheld, it may not happen to you, but anybody else with any other kind of income can end up in a position where they owe back taxes.  This… read more

IRS Tax Problems

They take up to a third (or more!) of your income.  They have the power to drain your bank account and garnish your wages.  They can turn your life into a living hell.  I’m talking, of course, about the IRS.  Tax issues will cripple you and make you feel trapped.  Without the proper help, IRS tax… read more

Tax Help–Right here in Kansas City

It has been a while since we have updated our blog.  If you’ve been paying attention, we have completely changed the look of our web site.  Of course, we have not ceased to provide the very best tax help that you can find in Kansas City. Every day we work with people who need tax… read more

Need Help With Back Kansas Taxes? We’re Here To Help

Soon you’ll be getting your W-2 in the mail again and tax season will be in full swing. Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help thousands of people each year make sure that they’re filling their taxes correctly and that they’re getting caught up on owed back taxes. If you haven’t filed or payed… read more

Has The IRS Filed A Lien Against Your Property?

Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help Kansas residents from all over the state after they’ve received a letter from the IRS stating that there has been a tax lien filed against them and their property. We know that it’s a scary issue and that owing Kansas taxes can be daunting, but we’re here… read more

For Better Or Worse: Does Your Spouse Owe Back Taxes?

Have you recently said, “I do” in Kansas or Missouri? For better or worse, you’ve taken a wedding vow promising to stand by your new spouse no matter what – even if they have tax problems or need tax relief. A marriage results in you taking responsibility for your spouse’s past and future debts. While… read more

Let’s Do This Together: Kansas Tax Help

Do I really need to hire a professional firm to get tax relief? We hear this question all the time and our answer is always: YES! Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we’re a registered CPA firm that offers back tax settlement and tax mediation in the Kansas city area providing tax help to our… read more