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Retiring Soon? 5 Ways To Minimize Kansas Income Taxes In Retirement

Another tax day is quickly approaching and we hope that you’re on time to file by April 15th. Missouri taxes are a fact of life when you have a full-time job, but our tax liability will likely change once you retire from your full time job. If you’re still working, you’re probably hoping your taxes… read more

State Tax Problems? Stay Local

IRS problems are one thing. Granted, they are one big thing, but they are one thing. State tax problems are entirely different. The drawback with IRS tax problems over state tax problems is that you can end up owing a lot–a whole lot–to the IRS. Considering payroll taxes, income taxes, self-employment taxes, early withdrawal penalties… read more

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Kansas City Tax Mediation can handle most tax situations that arise, and we can typically do it for a lower fee than what a tax attorney would charge. However, there have been occasions when clients have come to us looking for tax help and we have declined to help them. In those cases, we recommend… read more

IRS Back Taxes

IRS back taxes are really a drag. In addition to having to worry about paying your current tax bill, which is substantial, you also have to make extra room in your budget to pay your IRS back taxes just to pay them back. Luckily for you, there’s a better way. In many cases, we have… read more

The Mature Approach to Tax Problems

Occasionally we come across somebody with tax problems who says something like this: “I know I owe taxes and I’m able to pay them, but I don’t want to pay them. Can you get me out of it?” Now at Kansas City Tax Mediation we don’t judge. We understand that while this person is able… read more

Settle Tax Problems

In any area of life, where there is a problem, what do we say? “Let’s settle this!” Well, when it comes to tax problems, you can actually settle taxes. Yes, it’s true. You can settle tax problems. In fact, every single person qualifies to settle tax problems in one form or another. Now, before you… read more

Can The IRS Keep Your Inheritance For Missouri Back Taxes?

Here at Kansas City Tax Mediation, we’re here to help you get Missouri tax relief now. As a back tax settlement and tax mediation firm in the Kansas City area, we’re dedicated to helping you deal with the IRS. Today we’re specifically discussing what the impact of owing back taxes has on an inheritance. Can… read more

Your IRS Back Tax Resource

We are always struck by how many taxpayers in Kansas City have IRS back tax issues. Whether they have unfiled returns or their returns are filed and they simply owe, IRS back taxes are a common scourge here in Kansas City. Luckily, if you have IRS back tax problems, there is a resource right here… read more

IRS Problems, Be Gone!

IRS problems can affect our work, our family life, our cars and the vacations we take. In short, IRS problems are life problems. We have seen otherwise strong individuals break down in tears as a result of months or years of stress relating to IRS problems. The saddest part is that, most of the time,… read more