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5 Tax Tips For The Self Employed: Kansas City Tax Mediation

While being self employed means taking on a lot more risks, responsibilities, and costs that you don’t have to take on when you work for someone else. Being self employed means that you’re responsible for getting your own customers, generating income, and paying taxes – just to name a few things. Knowing how to file taxes… read more

Not All Tax Resolution Companies are Created Equal

It’s unfortunate, but true, that not all tax resolution companies are there to help you. Not all tax resolution companies have your interest at the forefront. Some tax resolution companies just want your money–if they can fix your problem, great, if not, oh well. They build up a big company really fast and advertise over… read more

CPA or Tax Attorney?

It is fairly simple to know which you need in your particular tax situation. A CPA can handle most tax situations, from back taxes, to garnishments, and even audits. A tax attorney handles tax court cases, legal investigations, like tax fraud, and appeals beyond the normal tax audit. It is important to know that a… read more

Kansas Tax Problems? Tips To Remember When You Owe The IRS

Owing back taxes can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to. With Kansas City Tax Mediation, we help those with Missouri and Kansas tax problems who are looking for tax relief and mediation. While in 1998 the IRS Restructuring & Reform Bill was able to begin forcing the IRS to more… read more

Get Caught Up On Your Back Taxes Now

Back taxes can happen to anyone. Life gets in the way. You expect you’ll owe a lot. You don’t have time and the deadline comes and goes. Suddenly you have years of back taxes that start to catch up with you in a bad way. The IRS or your state’s Department of Revenue start sending… read more

How To Settle Tax Debts

It is a long process that involves digging into every facet of your life before the IRS will consider the option to settle tax debts. They want information on everything. Your income, expenses, bills, debts, assets, tax history, and anything else they feel will help determine if you qualify to settle tax debt or not.… read more

Turn IRS Problems into Solutions

If you have IRS problems, whether tax debt, levies, garnishments, unfiled taxes, or an other IRS problems, we can help. We are right here in Johnson County by Shawnee Mission Medical Center. IRS problems can be difficult. Especially in the case of a garnishment, it is hard to work out anything with the IRS on… read more

Look No Further for Tax Resolution

We understand that life happens. Things get in the way of filing taxes, paying the IRS or state taxes owed, or handling further collections by them to get the taxes they think you owe. If you want the best tax resolution, we are right here, locally grown, in Kansas City. We specialize in tax resolution… read more