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The Truth about an IRS Settlement

It isn’t outside the realm of possibilities anymore to do an IRS settlement and free yourself from years of payments that never seem to end. It is within reach the chance to have an IRS settlement break the chains holding you down and keeping you from your dreams. You deserve a chance to put your… read more

How to Get a Tax Settlement

When you have multiple years of unfiled taxes, and the tax debt is mounting year by year, it is hard to figure out what to do. Can you do a tax settlement and what are the consequences? If you can do a tax settlement with the IRS or your state’s Department of Revenue, how much… read more

Missouri Tax Relief: Lesser Known But Common Tax Mistakes

While the April 15th tax filing deadline is quickly approaching, you may be feeling a bit stressed – especially if you already owe Missouri taxes and you’re looking for Missouri tax relief. When you’re rushing to get your taxes prepared, it’s easy to make common mistakes that can unfortunately be costly. Before you sit down… read more

Take the Reins on your Tax Debt

The journey to being free of your tax debt starts with taking control of it. It can be daunting at first. With the right help and resources, it can turn into a confidence booster, nights of worry free sleep, and knowledge of how to prevent it from happening again. Tax debt can build up year… read more

IRS Help for Kansas City

Some people never find themselves in need of IRS help at any time in their lives. They file all tax returns and pay their taxes more than in full just with their withholding from their paychecks. In fact, they are so responsible that they get refunds every year! The thought of needing IRS help is… read more

Are You Taking Enough Tax Deductions? Kansas Tax Relief

There’s no point in passing on legitimate tax breaks because you think it may be cheating. Filing an honest tax return is a civic duty – we can all agree to that – but there’s no need to have a higher standard than the IRS requires. For example, some people won’t itemize a deduction just… read more

Dealing with Kansas Tax Debt

Kansas tax debt is a terrible problem to have. If you have that issue, contact Kansas City Tax Mediation immediately. We are uniquely qualified to fix Kansas tax debt problems because we deal with the Kansas Department of Revenue regarding Kansas tax debt practically every day. We are familiar with their methods and, most importantly,… read more

Kansas Tax Relief

If you live in Kansas, or even if you live somewhere else but you’ve either lived or worked in Kansas, then you may be unfortunate enough to know the following fact about Kansas tax relief: Kansas is a very difficult state to fight with about taxes. Because our firm is located in Kansas (in Johnson… read more

Tax Help for Kansas City

Do you need tax help? Lots of people do these days. It is easier than you might have thought to end up needing tax help. For example, if you have had a personal crisis and you withdrew money from a retirement account early, you could end up needing quite a bit of tax help. Also,… read more