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What If I Can’t Pay My Kansas Taxes? Kansas City Tax Mediation

So you owe Kansas taxes – big time – and you just simply can’t afford to pay all of it up front. Try not to stress too much – you’re not alone. So, what do you do if you can’t pay your tax bill? Whether it’s state or federal taxes that you owe, we highly… read more

Your Lifeline for Missouri Tax Debt

It certainly is not difficult to end up with Missouri tax debt. A huge chunk of Missourians (perhaps even most) live in either St. Louis or Kansas City, and both of those metropolitan areas cover multiple states. This means that if you have ever lived or worked in Missouri, there is a decent chance that… read more

Kansas City’s Local Tax Relief Company

Google “tax relief.” Company after company will pop up on your browser. It would appear that somebody looking for a tax relief company has the world at their fingertips. There are so many tax relief company ads, all of them just itching to take your tax problem and make it go away! Think again. The… read more