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IRS Settlement

The IRS do not want you to do an IRS settlement. They want you to pay what they say you owe. They will mail letters notifying you of their collection efforts, explaining the amount owing, when it is due, and how to pay them. They may not even mention anything about an IRS settlement with… read more

Your Tax Debt Is Our Specialty

When you have a lot of tax debt building up from year to year, it can become incredibly difficult to take control of it. Just when you thought you got a hold on it, another year of debt comes in and makes you start from square one. The tax debt comes not only from unfiled… read more

In Need of IRS Help?

Many Kansas City taxpayers run into problems with their taxes and it can happen to anyone before you even realize it. You find out you are being audited by the IRS, or that you are being hit with huge fines, interest and penalties that nearly double what you thought you owed, or even being garnished.… read more

Kansas Tax Debt Happens

Kansas tax debt happens. There are a number of different reasons for accumulating Kansas tax debt and it can happen before you realize it. Not filing your state taxes every year, not paying what the Kansas Department of Revenue says is owed, being audited by the IRS and owing more Kansas tax debt than before,… read more

Kansas Tax Relief

The Kansas Department of Revenue sends you a notice stating you owe thousands of dollars more than you feel you should owe. It can turn into a scary, overwhelming experience very quickly. Is there Kansas tax relief or do you have to go to some company in another state for help? Kansas tax relief should… read more

Getting Tax Help from the Right Company

You can find all sorts of companies all over the country who offer tax help for all types of tax problems. They have radio ads claiming to be able to settle taxes at pennies on the dollar. A salesman tells you what you want to hear during the initial phone call before even knowing what… read more