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IRS Settlement Options

The process of IRS settlement is difficult. It requires detailed information. The IRS will look into every facet of your financial life. They will look at bank accounts, investments, any assets you have, like your home or other possessions, any loans you have, credit cards (especially if there is an available balance in the credit… read more

Your Options for Tax Settlement

The most effective tax settlement is known as an Offer in Compromise. The tax settlement option is one that we take very seriously and make sure we look at every piece of information to verify if you qualify before we charge you for submitting one. Getting a tax settlement is not like other debt settlements.… read more

How to Deal with Tax Debt

Tax debt is one of the more common tax issues around. It is not always from unfiled taxes, and it’s not always expected. It can come from many different things. Namely and in no particular order: • Higher than expected income and not enough money withheld. • Previously filed taxes might have missed key information… read more

Don’t Count on IRS Help from the IRS

Getting IRS help is difficult. Getting IRS help can be nearly impossible. There have been numerous budget cuts and layoffs of IRS agents recently. These have a huge effect on response times, how long a taxpayer is on hold, how soon IRS help will happen, how long until a refund is paid out, how long… read more

Tax Help, Right Here In Kansas City

When you need tax help right away, it is easy to google information, call the first number you see and talk to the person on the other end of the phone. They will tell you everything you want to hear about the tax help they provide. More likely than not, the person who answers is… read more

An Offer In Compromise Is One Of Many Options

Large tax debts are hard to handle without a plan of action, something that can help map out steps to take, who to call, what forms to fill out, and what costs are involved. An Offer In Compromise is an IRS program that reduces the amounts owed. The Offer in Compromise is not right for… read more