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Local Back Tax Help for Kansas City

If you have ever had the misfortune of having to shop around for back tax help, you know that your options aren’t that great. Most of the back tax help companies you call are located out of state, and the person answering the phone is obviously a salesman. If you’re a midwesterner, you prefer to… read more

Help With State Tax Issues for Kansas City

State tax issues are a whole different animal than federal tax issues. State tax issues can be much more difficult for anyone to get on top of. State tax problems come from not filing previous years’ taxes, having tax debt with the state, or a variety of other causes. One of the biggest problems with… read more

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

A good tax attorney can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations, but can very costly in other ones. Some questions to ask yourself are: Is my tax case going to court? Is a tax attorney the only person that can help me with my tax case? Will it require attorney/client privilege?… read more

Get your Back Taxes Under Control

Having back taxes hanging over your head can be debilitating. Back taxes build up over time, and just like compound interest in investments and savings, they snowball. There are two reasons why that happens: 1. The IRS or the state’s Department of Revenue will file your taxes for you if you haven’t filed them yourself.… read more

Are Your Tax Problems Unfixable?

Tax problems range from a notice in the mail for a few hundred dollars to garnishments and levies and liens. Most people have dealt with tax problems before at some point in their lives or another. Many taxpayers have been audited for things like a difference between income their employer reported and income they claimed… read more

How to Settle Tax Debt

In order to settle tax debt, you will have to submit a substantial amount of documentation and information to present to the IRS. They want to know how much you can or cannot afford to pay from what you currently owe. If you decide to go with a tax expert who is authorized to represent… read more

Why IRS Problems are Your Problems

The IRS has IRS problems like nobody else. It is not by a scandalous affair, or murder (that we know of), but by actions against the citizens of the United States of America. A few years ago, the IRS problems came to light when it was revealed that they had targeted specific political groups when… read more