Monthly Archives: March 2015

Can You Get A Tax Settlement?

Anyone can apply for a tax settlement. Anyone can file the papers and show their financial information. Many of the applicants should get the tax settlement they deserve, but they do not. It is a difficult, costly, time consuming process to apply for a tax settlement with the IRS. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of… read more

What Can You Do About Tax Debt?

There are a lot of options to handle tax debt and its burdens in your life. Tax debts are something we deal with a lot at Kansas City Tax Mediation. They are hard to think about or even deal with sometimes. The IRS wants their money. They add penalties, interest, and fees. They are not… read more

Look for IRS Help in All the Right Places

It is tax season. It is time for the IRS to be running at full steam. They should have enough agents ready to take the calls with questions and complaints. They should have the processing power to handle receiving tax returns, both current and prior year tax returns. IRS help should be pretty accessible, right?… read more

The Fresh Start Initiative

The Fresh Start Initiative was a change in IRS policy specifically designed to help those with financial difficulties to get above water and back in control of their tax debt and finances. The Fresh Start Initiative is not a huge change, but it does make the existing tax settlement programs easier to navigate. It was… read more

How to Settle Tax Debt

There are a few different ways to settle tax debt. The most effective tax settlement program is called the Offer In Compromise. The OIC is there for those who qualify to settle their debts and get back on track to financial well-being. This program comes with strict standards to qualify and take lots of time,… read more