Monthly Archives: May 2015

Time to Settle Tax Debts

Looking to settle tax debts? You’ve come to the right place. Is that because we can settle tax debts for every single person, regardless of their income or how much money they have in the bank? No, don’t be stupid. You’ve come to the right place because you’ve happened across one of the rare companies… read more

Looking for a Kansas City Tax Attorney?

Sorry, you won’t find a Kansas City tax attorney at Kansas City Tax Mediation. But wait, don’t go! Depending on your tax problem, you may or may not need one. Lots of our clients come to us having previously met with a Kansas City tax attorney or two. In Kansas City, tax attorney talent is… read more

We Help Back Taxes Go Away

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in need of a lot of help. Back taxes will turn you from a confident and thriving person into a pathetic, nervous wreck if you don’t get them managed. If you live in the Kansas City area, luckily there’s a company in town that can help… read more

Missouri Tax Help is Available

There is a common problem in the tax resolution world that gets overlooked. It goes like this: a person owes $50,000 to the IRS and has no idea how they will pay. They come in and meet with a professional and are pleasantly surprised to learn that there are all sorts of ways they can… read more

Confronting Tax Debt Problems

I know of no other subject about which there is more general misunderstanding than taxes. It’s not hard to imagine why most people would be confused about tax, debt problems and the IRS: it’s incredibly complicated. There are lots of highly paid people whose job is to wade through the complexities of the Internal Revenue… read more