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What if I Owe Missouri Taxes?

Kansas City Tax Mediation specializes in Kansas and Missouri tax help. You hear about the IRS going after people, but what about the state departments? Actually, the states can be even tougher to fight than the IRS! It makes no sense to hire a resolution company located on the west coast if you’re having trouble… read more

Dealing With the IRS

It’s common to get behind on filing taxes. People move, records get lost or destroyed, maybe a family member has been ill, you became unemployed. There are a lot of reasons why people get behind and need IRS back tax help. Some other common problems that arise regarding the IRS are audits on back taxes… read more

Back Tax Debt? There is Help For You!

If you have back tax debt, we understand it’s frightening and you feel all alone. You think it’s not happening to anyone else, but more likely is the fact that your friends and coworkers just aren’t talking about it. From low income families to movie stars and everyone in between, back tax debt is much… read more

Afraid of Facing the IRS Alone?

Dealing with the IRS brings anxiety, fear, and distress to many people. Talking to the IRS tax settlement department when you’re this fearful is not a good idea. People that are scared will agree to payment plans that they can’t afford, just to get off the phone with a collector, because they are so nervous.… read more

Working with a Tax Mediation Firm

Mediation is defined as a process in which a neutral third party directs settlement discussions and helps the parties reach a negotiated settlement. A mediator holds meetings, defines issues, defuses emotions, and suggests possible ways to resolve a dispute. Tax mediation occurs when the issue at hand is a client that owes a large amount… read more