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Having Trouble with the Kansas Department of Revenue?

When clients come in with tax problems, often it’s the IRS that has them down. Many times, they have not filed several years of tax returns and the IRS has filed for them and is not taking their money against their will, perhaps through a wage garnishment or a bank levy, and they want solutions.… read more

Which Tax Resolution Companies Can You Trust?

If you ever listen to the radio, watch TV or go online (which is pretty much everybody), you’ve probably seen advertisements of many different tax resolution companies. We here at Kansas City Tax Mediation are in the business, so we find these advertisements interesting and in many cases entertaining. When tax resolution companies are being… read more

How to Release Your Kansas Garnishment

One of the few drawbacks of living in the wonderful state of Kansas is the fact that the Kansas Department of Revenue is quite possibly the most ruthless tax collection agency in the country. They will zealously collect tax debts almost no matter how small they are. If you do not pay quickly enough for… read more

Come to Us for Help with Back Taxes Owed

So often these days, taxpayers need help with back taxes owed. A combination of factors have created the perfect storm for this. First is the financial crisis; so many of us have not yet recovered from the Great Recession. The economists tell us it’s over, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it these days. Also,… read more

Missouri Tax Help is Right Here in Kansas City

You may hear a lot of companies talk about IRS tax problems, but how many also specialize in providing Missouri tax help? Most companies that do tax resolution are national and claim to be able to represent people in “all fifty states” (which in and of itself is laughable, when you consider that 7 of… read more

Back Tax Debt Help in Kansas City

There are so many wonderful things about living in Kansas City. The cost of living, the greenery, all four seasons, the world champion Royals and of course the Chiefs. There are, however, some disadvantages to this wonderful place where we live. Unlike in places like California, New York and Florida, there aren’t necessarily dozens of… read more

Your Tax Debt Problems Don’t Have to Be So Bad

Tax debt problems will keep you up at night. They will fill your life with anxiety and prevent you from enjoying even the basic pleasantries of life. If you have tax debt problems, you will likely not sleep as well, which can affect your professional and personal lives. When you have these issues, things that… read more