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Start Solving Those Back Tax Problems

The first step in resolving back tax problems is to prepare any unfiled tax returns. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, our certified and trained professionals can handle your case from start to finish. You may be surprised that you don’t owe as much as you suspected. Once all of your tax returns have been completed… read more

Local Tax Relief Company

Just like you, the best tax relief companies you can find are honest and hard-working. Not all of us are out to scam you like the TV and online ads. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we encourage you to do your homework. Does the tax relief company you are researching have a local office with available appointments? Do they… read more

“The IRS has accepted my offer in compromise. Now what should I expect?” Tax settlement companies can help you to make an offer in compromise (OIC) with the IRS. In fact, an experienced team like Kansas City Tax Mediation rarely submits an OIC that is not accepted after a careful financial evaluation. Once this entire… read more