The Truth About Wage Garnishment from a Tax Mediation Kansas City

For tax mediation Kansas City residents can seek out free face-to-face consultations. A wage garnishment occurs when a court proceeds with an order that requires an employer to withhold part of your paycheck to send directly to the institution or person you owe money to, until that debt is paid. Garnished wages can be used to pay back taxes, student loans, or child support, of if there’s been a court judgment entered against you.

If you owe the IRS money, they can take a major portion of your wages, without needing a court order! Your employer can choose to pay you a very small minimum amount weekly, and the rest will go to the IRS. Local and State tax agencies can also take a portion of your wages. The law in many States limits exactly how much a taxing authority is allowed to take. If you are in this situation you need to get some of the tax mediation Kansas City relies on for help.

You need tax mediation services to place an experienced tax attorney between the IRS and you, so that they can’t levy your bank account, put liens on your residence, and seize many other assets. in addition to garnishing your wages. A tax attorney can even reverse some of the actions that have already been taken. A tax lawyer can provide representation for you in front of the IRS Appeals Division.

If you file a joint return with your spouse, they can be held legally responsible for payment of taxes. A tax lawyer from a mediation service can help to relieve your spouse for all IRS taxes, penalties, and interest stemming from a joint return. A tax attorney can potentially ensure separation of liability and innocent spouse relief, in addition to equitable relief.

You need tax mediation in Kansas City to help deal with the IRS over unpaid payroll taxes, to make sure that your personal assets, business assets, bank accounts and wages remain intact. You need professional representation to help you with wage garnishment.

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