Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC Provides Relief from Tax Debt Issues

Professional Tax Mediation and Tax Debt Relief Services


Kansas City, KS – March 01, 2017 – Kansas City Tax Mediation LLC provides tax debt help and solutions
for area taxpayers. This includes customers that owe back taxes or require assistance in tax debt relief.
With years of extensive industry experience, the company has helped numerous tax payers settle tax
debts within time and budget. With a highly-dedicated team of tax mediation professionals, they are
committed to excellence in all services. This includes offer in compromises, which allow tax payers to
settle debts with pennies on the dollar. This is a great way to save money, while accessing a range of
benefits across the board.

Kansas City Tax Mediation also provides services for customers that are experiencing wage
garnishments. In fact, they work with the IRS to remedy these issues – by offering solutions for all
parties involved. Services also include bank levies, unified tax returns (IRS or state), tax audits, or other
problems related to state or IRS tax debts. As settlement professionals, they understand the intricacies
and details involved in any outstanding debt or claim. This allows them to step in – mediate – and secure
timely results for clients and the government.

For clients that owe back taxes to the IRS or states of Kansas or Missouri, they need the professionals to
help them settle these issues. In fact, tax mediation Kansas City services are heralded for providing
timely solutions for one and all. This includes handling all correspondence with the IRS or state
Departments of Revenue, along with filing all pertinent paperwork in a timely and professional manner.
The company also provides the best compromise offers, which are legally bounds and designed to
alleviate financial stress and tension. One phone call or e-mail is all customers need to access a wealth
of proven and dedicated services.

Contact Information
For more information on tax mediation or tax debt relief services, please contact or visit:
Kansas City Tax Mediation, LLC.
10000 West 75th Street, Suite 108
Merriam, Kansas 66204
Office: (913) 232-7120

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