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“Help! Back taxes are catching up to me!”
These are words we hear often when answering the phone. If you are in the same situation, you do need help. Back taxes are nothing to put off or ignore. The sooner you address the problem, the lower the penalties and interest will be that are added to the balance and collection efforts can be avoided or stopped in their tracks. Whether your debt is from the most recent year’s tax return or you owe for a lot of years’ previously filed or unfiled returns, we can help back taxes get resolved quickly and easily. Our team at Kansas City Tax Mediation is experienced at stepping in to assist you at any stage.

Call or stop by our office in Merriam. We would love to set up an appointment to meet with you. For most of our clients, this is a huge step. Once they realize that they feel very comfortable and have taken the first steps to get help, back taxes don’t seem quite so daunting. We are located just off of I-35 & 75th Street in the King’s Cove Office Complex and can be reached during business hours at (913)730-7734.

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