Year Round Tax Help

It may surprise you to know that there is a local company here in Johnson County that can personally assist you with friendly and easy to understand explanations, deciphering the confusing tax lingo, and set you on the right track to eliminate back tax problems. Kansas City Tax Mediation can put an end to tax levies, wage garnishments, and property liens. Let us help you regain financial freedom with our experience in dealing with the IRS and knowledge of the processes best used in solving back tax problems.

Once your back tax problem has been successfully resolved, we can help you make sure that you aren’t making the same mistakes all over again. This may mean setting up quarterly payments if you expect to owe at the end of the year. Other solutions could be changing your withholding/number of exemptions or evaluating your filing status to make sure you are using the correct and most beneficial for your situation. You may want to consult our professionals prior to taking money out of a retirement or other account, making sure to do it the right way to avoid back tax problems.

Don’t rely on a tax accountant who will vanish from sight after mid-April. Remember that Kansas City Tax Mediation is a full service CPA firm open year round. Call us for your tax return preparation, help with back tax problems, tax consulting, business or personal bookkeeping, and much more!

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