We can help with tax debt!

When you are in need of help with tax debt, the IRS continues to add interest and penalties onto what you owe. It can be very overwhelming to think about this amount constantly increasing. If you didn’t have the money when it was first owed, you most likely don’t have extra money to pay over and above the original balance. Kansas City Tax Mediation is your local solution to help with tax debt. Our first step is to prepare and file any old tax returns. This stops the penalty from accruing for failure to file. Next, we will start working with the IRS and the state department of revenue to come to an agreement on your arrears. Taking action can prevent wage garnishments, tax liens on property and bank accounts, and even criminal prosecution.

Most of our clients have seen TV ads or heard radio ads promising help with tax debt. Their promise is to settle for “pennies on the dollar”. A salesman with a pitch that sounds too good to be true usually is. Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes we are able to use the Offer in Compromise option they are talking about, but for most people, help with tax debt takes careful consideration of the individual’s situation. Choosing to work with a local, experienced, friendly, and professional mediation company has continual benefits. After Kansas City Tax Mediation finds a resolution to your current debt, we will then be familiar with your past tax affairs. In turn, we will be able to provide yearly services for all of your needs. Call today for an appointment and let us help with tax debt by using a realistic approach to the problem.

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