Locally Owned and Operated Tax Mediation Company

Kansas City Tax Mediation is your locally owned and operated business. Located in Johnson County, we are the experienced professionals you need to help you with your tax debt or current year returns. We urge you not to fall for the promises you hear on TV and radio commercials. Larger companies that do not have a local office in your area hire salesmen to handle your account. This is not the same as tax mediation with a trained professional who is experienced in dealing with the IRS and state agencies. You need a friendly face in front of you who can aptly assess your tax debt situation and suggest an appropriate and realistic approach to resolution.

Taxes are so high and times are hard economically. Tax debt is a lot more common than most people think. Let us work together with you to handle all of your tax mediation needs. Don’t wait any longer to take care of your problems with the IRS. Call Kansas City Tax Mediation immediately to find a solution to your prior year tax returns, arrears on money owed to the IRS or state department of revenue, collections, tax levies, and any other issues that require tax mediation. The consultation is free. Our clients walk away with a feeling of relief just knowing there is a plan of action and a resolution in sight.

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