Local Tax Mediation

Tax debt is probably a lot more common than you think. If you have tax debt, you definitely are not alone. Tax mediation can come in different forms. Some of our clients simply have unfiled returns from past years. Some have filed all of their returns on time, but owe money that is now past due, including the penalties and interest that come along with tax debt. Others may need help to stop collection efforts like tax levies, liens, and wage garnishments. If you allow Kansas City Tax Mediation to figure out the best course of action to quickly and easily resolve your tax issues, we will work tirelessly as your advocate to solve your problems with the IRS and the state. 

The best part about becoming our tax mediation client is that we are also a full CPA firm. One of the biggest benefits after tax relief is to have us formulate the best strategy moving forward. We can continue to be your tax professionals during the regular tax season and be able to quickly analyze your future financial moves. We love to meet new clients and find out if there is a way to provide some assistance. It is usually a short wait to schedule an appointment in our small, local office. If you or someone you know is in dire need of tax mediation, please call Kansas City Tax Mediation today. Let’s get through this together! 

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