A Practical Approach

Just a few of the many tax debt problems you may face include: 

IRS Penalties and Interest
Letters and Notices
Tax Liens and Levies
Wage Garnishments
Unfiled Returns
Impending Audit 

Kansas City Tax Mediation is here to find a solution to these tax debt problems and more. The faster you take action, the easier it is to prevent and halt penalties and interest. If you have received a notice that you don’t understand, we can help to interpret the confusing wording. Tax liens can be very damaging to your current and future financial well-being and a tax levy means the loss of assets and property! These along with wage garnishments are very serious threats to a family’s stability. Unfiled returns can lead to some pretty terrifying consequences and being audited is one of the most intimidating processes a tax payer can imagine. 

If you are facing any of the above tax debt problems, please don’t wait any longer to address them. Kansas City Tax Mediation has the answers you need. There are options for every individual client’s situation. We simply need to evaluate yours to find the best possible resolution. This initial consultation is free and we can usually set up an appointment within a few days of your phone call. Don’t ignore any more IRS notices. Don’t try to go up against the tax debt problems on your own. Contact Kansas City Tax Mediation to formulate a strategy for your tax debt problems. We don’t make unreasonable guarantees, but we do promise to relieve some of the stress and weight on your shoulders with a sensible, rational, logical, and practical approach to your tax dilemma. 

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