Help With Back Taxes Owed

Kansas City Tax Mediation can help with back taxes owed. Many people are intimidated by the details of negotiating a settlement of their debt. We have many clients that owe large amounts of money, which is why one of our main specialties is to negotiate with the IRS and state tax agencies on their behalf. We are knowledgeable on the programs available to help with back taxes owed and which ones they qualify for. Located right here in the Kansas City metro area, it can’t get much more convenient than that!

Do you have a dark cloud looming over your head? Are you wondering when your employer will inform you that your paycheck will be garnished? Stop dreading what can be prevented and call Kansas City Tax Mediation for help. With back taxes owed, procrastination can result in even more debt due to interest and fees. If this sounds like your current situation, it’s time to call us for an appointment. We are qualified experts who help with back taxes owed every day. Our team is proficient in solving your tax problems, beginning with stopping those collections efforts and giving you some peace of mind.

Come in for a free face-to-face consultation and leave with a tax resolution plan. Kansas City Tax Mediation can help with back taxes owed, filing past and current year returns, communicating and negotiating with the IRS and state agencies, arranging for the termination of garnishments or levies, and navigating through the process to get you back on track financially.

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