IRS Back Tax Help

IRS back tax, help! The IRS has programs and policies to fit your financial situation. Sometimes, you may even qualify to pay back a lot less than they say you owe. Let Kansas City Tax Mediation find the best way for you to pay the IRS back. Tax help on a local level is handled by professionals, not salesmen. Here in Kansas City, we are not selling you a cookie-cutter deal. We will plan the best course of action to fit your individual needs. With a combination of strategy and experience, our team will get you through this stressful time and have you back on your feet in no time.

We offer IRS back tax help to taxpayers on the Kansas AND Missouri side. A lot of these people even live and work in the opposite neighboring state. Don’t worry about this being an issue. Kansas City Tax Mediation professionals are accustomed to many different scenarios and are confident in the daily communication with government agencies on clients’ behalf. Getting IRS back tax help is easier and closer than you think it is. It may not always be easy, but there is always a solution. Knowing who to consult and finding out which options are available for your circumstances are the first steps to solving your tax issues. Call us today to set up an appointment. We are conveniently located just off of I-35 on 75th street, a short drive from anywhere in the metro area, Lawrence, and Topeka.

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