Actual Client Testimony

At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we pride ourselves on being able to successfully settle tax debts for our clients. Dale from Lee’s Summit states, “I owed 81 thousand dollars. That’s including interest, fees, whatever else they put on there.” Dale was in a pretty sticky situation when he came to us. ”The IRS came after me in all kind of ways. They tried to take money out of my bank account, they sent me letter after letter, they filed a tax lien on me. The tax liens highly affected my business.”

Dale also told us his horror story over trying to settle tax debts before coming to us. “Ended up hiring a couple companies to help me out to get out of trouble. One was out of California and I think one New York. They answered the phone when they wanted my money, but when I tried to call after I gave them the money, they never would return my calls. They’d never help me in any way, shape, or form. I probably lost over 7 or 8 thousand dollars in fees.” Now he says, “I feel like I’ve got a fresh start here. Kansas City Tax Mediation did what they say they would do.”

There you have it, Kansas City! If you need to settle tax debts, take Dale’s word for it, “If anyone/anybody is in my predicament that I was in, I highly recommend that you call Kansas City Tax Mediation. They will help you.”

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