IRS Tax Problems?

If you have an IRS tax problem, we’re here to help.  So many taxpayers in the Kansas City area have IRS tax problems and they don’t know where to turn.  Some of them end up taking their problem to an out-of-state, unlicensed company full of salesmen who over-promise and under-deliver.  Sometimes they attempt to go it alone against the IRS.  Tax problems are not something that should be trusted to any organization that turns you over to salesmen who know very little about issues relating to the IRS, tax, problems with filing and any of the many issues facing Kansas City Taxpayers.  Some Kansas City taxpayers have told us that they felt like it was more difficult dealing with the out-of-state company they had hired than it was  working with the IRS!  Tax problems are stressful enough–don’t add to the uncertainty by hiring the wrong help.

When you need advice about any problem, don’t you find it comforting when the person you’re talking to can look you in the eye and say “here’s what you should do about this” or “it’s going to be OK”?  It has been our pleasure to help so many Kansas City taxpayers to confront their IRS tax problems head-on, knowing we have their back.  Come in and meet with Kansas City Tax Mediation.  Let’s get through this together.

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