IRS Wage Garnishment

If you go long enough without filing your taxes, eventually somebody at the IRS will file them for you.  These returns are known as “Substitute for Returns, ” or SFR to the IRS.  Wage garnishments or bank levies can result once this is done.  When this happens to you, the IRS is essentially collecting money on taxes that you don’t even owe!

If you filed your taxes, on the other hand, the IRS wage garnishment can also happen.

These IRS wage garnishments can take a large majority of your paycheck.

If you have an IRS wage garnishment, there is no time to lose–call Kansas City Tax Mediation immediately!  The reason this is so urgent is that, even if you do not owe anything at all, it takes time to get ahold of the IRS wage garnishment employee, provide the proper documents, file any returns, and get the notice to your Human Resources IRS wage garnishment employee at your job.  If the deadline is missed, your next paycheck will be garnished as well.

IRS wage garnishments will kill your monthly budget and put your family in danger of not paying its bills.  With professional help, you can avoid these outcomes and release IRS wage garnishments.  If you have received an IRS wage garnishment, call Kansas City Tax Mediation today.  Let’s get through this together.

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