Tax Help

Do you need tax help?  Unfortunately, many Kansas City area taxpayers do.  When we say tax help, we don’t just mean they need their taxes done by April 15th of each year.  We mean they need several years of unfiled returns filed, a wage garnishment lifted, a bank levy dealt with or they  have a tax lien that is preventing them from getting credit or selling a property.  In short, they don’t just need taxes filed, they need TAX HELP!

Fortunately, they have as a resource Kansas City Tax Mediation.  We specialize in providing tax help to those struggling taxpayers.  We do not judge our clients, nor do we report them for failure to file.  They understand they have made mistakes and all of our clients are interested only in finding a solution.

You can come and get tax help face to face with a licensed professional.  Too many companies have clients interact with salesmen or other non-professionals, and too many of these non-professionals are motivated by sales commissions instead of providing meaningful tax help to people who are struggling with tax debt.

If you need tax help call us today to set up a free consultation face to face.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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