What You Need to Know about Tax Settlement

Do you have a problem with debt you owe from tax?  Settlement can be confusing and stressful.  If you call around, you will talk to lots of salespeople in faraway places who seem to say that that tax settlement is an easy option for you, if you’ll only pay them lots and lots of money.  In fact, they are selling you on an Offer in Compromise, when that may not be the best tax settlement option for you.

There are 12 different forms of tax settlement.  For most clients, the best strategy for tax settlement is a combination of two or three tax settlement strategies.  Some of them involve making payments, some of them do not.  We have helped many Kansas City taxpayers with a tax settlement that meets their needs and that the IRS or state has accepted, and we would be happy to help you with yours.  Call or email us today and schedule a free, face to face consultation so that we can begin to see what form of tax settlement is appropriate for you.

Kansas City Tax Mediation.  Let’s get through this together.

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