Tax Bankruptcy Discharge

Believe it or not, not every tax problem needs to be handled by a CPA.  Sometimes you need an attorney.  Such is the case with a tax bankruptcy discharge.

Some taxpayers are eligible to discharge their taxes in bankruptcy.  A tax bankruptcy discharge is a good option for taxpayers who owe not only tax debt but other consumer debt.  One of the benefits of a tax bankruptcy discharge is that the tax bankruptcy discharge process typically allows you to keep more of your assets than an Offer in Compromise.  It also can happen much more quickly.

However, if you do a tax bankruptcy discharge, you will have a bankruptcy on your credit, along with all of the negatives there.  You may not want to declare bankruptcy.  Set up an appointment with us and we can advise you as to whether a tax bankruptcy discharge is for you.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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