We Help File Tax Returns

With a business as unique as Kansas City Tax Mediation, it’s easy for us to get caught up all of the things we have to do: getting Power of Attorney, negotiating with the IRS, coming up with tax strategies.  But a core component of our business, and the first step for the majority of our clients, is that we file tax returns.

The law states that those who earn income (as defined by the IRS) must file tax returns.  Unless your income is non-taxable, you must file tax returns every year.  Sometimes people who are unfamiliar with tax problems ask me “how can somebody just NOT file tax returns?”  There is a widespread perception that somebody who fails to file tax returns is somehow deeply flawed, however I believe that just about anybody could find themselves in circumstances when they did not or could not file tax returns.

Sometimes a spouse died, who filed tax returns for the couple and the surviving spouse does not know where to start or does not want to accept that the spouse is gone.

Sometimes large amounts of money have been withdrawn from retirement accounts and the taxpayers know that they will owe lots of money, and they just want to buy some time to deal with the problem before the inform the IRS that they owe lots of money.

Sometimes a bookkeeper did not keep a business’s books properly, and the numbers are inaccurate and the business owner feels trapped between putting inaccurate numbers on the tax return and failing to file tax returns.

At Kansas City Tax Mediation we understand that there are thousands of reasons that people do not file tax returns.  It is not our job to judge, it is our job to fix.  If you need to file tax returns, give us a call.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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