Do You Need an IRS Negotiator?

If you’re one of those taxpayers who’s kept his or her nose clean for their entire lives, chances are you’re probably not on this web site or reading this blog entry.  For the rest of you, it may be that you need to hire an IRS negotiator.

Some tax problems are minor.  In fact, we say to high-earning clients that every year around April they have a tax problem.  However, if you are worried that you will be unable to pay the taxes that you owe, then you may need to hire an IRS negotiator to help you.  Kansas City Tax Mediation is a registered Kansas CPA firm that considers itself an IRS negotiator.

Failure to settle things with the IRS (or the state of Kansas or Missouri for that matter) will most likely, sooner or later, result in IRS wage garnishments or bank levies; these things are considered “involuntary collections,” because you have no say in the matter.  To navigate your way out of them, you should hire an IRS negotiator.  You need an IRS negotiator familiar with tax problems.

Often, simply hiring an IRS negotiator will improve your situation; many times an IRS Revenue Officer will give more leeway to your representative than to you.  Also, an IRS officer will not request certain things from your IRS negotiator that he or she might request from you, simply because we know the law and we know better than to allow you, our client, to be pushed around.

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation, the best IRS negotiator in town, and set up a free, face to face consultation.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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