Choose a Local CPA Firm Over a National Marketing Company

There are so many reasons to do business with a local CPA firm rather than an out of state firm.  You can look a local CPA in the eyes when you discuss your tax case.  You don’t have to wonder if you’re being sold empty promises when speaking with a local CPA firm, because their license is on the line.  Most importantly, a local CPA firm will want to maintain a good reputation in your locality because it has a reputation to uphold.

Five minutes of research will reveal to you that national tax relief companies are a gigantic risk.  So many of their clients end up dissatisfied with the service and the fees they were charged.  Salesmen are the point of contact, so taxpayers make decisions based on information provided by somebody trying to maximize their commission check.  Way too many of these companies do not even survive more than a few years of being in business.

As a local CPA firm in Kansas City, we are extremely careful to maintain good relations with Kansas Citians and to charge reasonable prices.  Stick with a local CPA firm and you will be glad you did.

Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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