When you have an IRS problem, it’s possible you need tax help.  A cursory glance on google, or a quick listen to just about any radio station, will tell you that there is no shortage of companies nationwide that claim to be able to give you the tax help you need.  We at KCTM find it entertaining to read or hear some of these ads, because they try so hard to say things without saying them.  It’s like they want to say “We will wave a magic wand and get rid of all of your tax debt immediately, just give us tons and tons of money right now!” but obviously that would be false advertising so they end up saying things like “New Government Program” to describe the Fresh Start Initiative (which mostly just tweaked some of the existing rules) like it has completely changed the way the IRS deals with people.

Because most of these firms are not run by CPA’s or attorneys, they are really just marketing firms who happen to be selling tax help.  Kansas City Tax Mediation is a tax help company that happens to do some marketing.  The choice as to where to get tax help is yours.

Be smart, Kansas City taxpayer.  If you find yourself in need of tax help, get that tax help face to face and from a licensed professional.  Don’t trust salesmen to give you an honest assessment of your situation.

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation today to schedule a free, face to face consultation to discuss the type of tax help that will work the best for you.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s Get Through This Together.

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