Back Taxes Have You Down?

Let’s face it: back taxes can be a drag.  If you were self-employed and did not pay your taxes, that’s a good third of your income that you have to pay back, with interest and penalties, with back taxes.  That’s higher than most people’s mortgage.

If you haven’t filed tax returns, then the back taxes can be even higher and an even bigger drag.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS or to the state of Kansas or Missouri, you may need some help getting out from under the crushing debt.  There are many ways that you can rid yourself of the burden of back taxes, you just need to know your rights and know your options.

We have seen back taxes financially cripple people.  Want to take a vacation?  Too bad, you have to pay your back taxes.  Want to buy a car?  Too bad, your credit’s shot because the IRS filed a lien due to . . . you guessed it, back taxes.  Want to save some money so that some day you may be able to, I don’t know, retire?  Fuggedaboudit if you have back taxes to deal with.  Take care of your back taxes before they “take care of you,” financially speaking.

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation to set up a free, face to face consultation to discuss how you can solve your problem with back taxes.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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