Tax Representation

Many people who have tax problems need the tax skills of a CPA but the tax representation skills of an attorney.  Unless they are well off, they do not have large amounts of money to spend on either, let alone both.

People needing tax representation sometimes turn to the first company they hear advertising on the radio, only to learn that these companies are located out of state and they are dealing with phone salesmen.  They are desperate and want competent tax representation from somebody who will meet with them face to face, but will not charge them unreasonable fees to do this.

Many Kansas City taxpayers have looked for this unique blend of services–local, affordable tax representation from a professional–and been disappointed.  Until the middle of 2013 that is.  That was when Kansas City Tax Mediation came into existence, for this very purpose.  Through Kansas City Tax Mediation, you can get sound tax representation from an experienced professional.  The President of the company, Scott Keithly, is a Kansas CPA who is experienced in

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