Tax Relief, Honestly

So many taxpayers in the Kansas City metropolitan area are in need of tax relief.  Many of them are or were small business owners who got in over their heads with the taxes (hint: it’s very easy for that to happen) and they need tax relief.  One challenge that they find is that while companies that promise easy tax relief are not difficult to find, honest ones are.

Tax problems can be traumatic.  When you’re looking for tax relief, you want to trust somebody local who you can speak with face to face, not a salesman on the phone.  You also want to speak directly with the person who will be handling your case, not a salesman.  Tax relief companies are a dime a dozen, but there’s only one Kansas City Tax Mediation where you can avoid these problems.

The goal of Kansas City Tax Mediation is to provide immediate tax relief from your problems, but also to help you in the future to avoid a situation where you might need tax relief.  Many of our clients become seasonal tax clients.  Because we are looking to form a long-term relationship with our clients, we have an incentive to ensure that our tax relief clients are not left feeling ripped off.

Another benefit of looking to KCTM for tax relief is that we have worked extensively with both the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Revenue–national tax relief companies claim to be able to work with “all fifty states”–can they possibly be experienced with all of them?  Or are they the proverbial “Jack of all trades but master of none”?  Why is it that people get so frustrated when companies send their calls to call centers in India?  There is something comforting about speaking with somebody who lives close to you, understands your problems and has dealt with them themselves.

Call Kansas City Tax Mediation and set up a free, face to face consultation about tax relief in our office in Shawnee Mission.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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