Maybe You Don’t Need a Tax Attorney

If you have tax problems, it is entirely possible that you may need a tax attorney.  In fact, there have been cases when we have turned clients down and recommended that they retain a tax attorney or other type of attorney.

Don’t hire a tax attorney if you just have unfiled returns that need to be filed.  Also, don’t hire a tax attorney just because you owe a large amount of money.  A CPA or an Enrolled Agent (EA) can do the job just as well and, in many cases, for much less.  Don’t hire an attorney if you want to file an Offer in Compromise or set up an installment agreement either.

Hire a tax attorney if you have a problem with another branch of the federal government other than the IRS; we can only help clients with the IRS, not the Social Security Administration, for example.  As far as the states of Kansas or Missouri are concerned, hire a tax attorney if you have issues with the Department of Economic Security, Department of Transportation or any other department aside from the Departments of Revenue.  This is because we can only help you with taxes, nothing else.  Disputes arising from student loans, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation disputes, drunk driving, etc, must be handled by you yourself or by an attorney.

Most importantly: if you are being investigated by the IRS or the Kansas or Missouri Departments of Revenue for taxes but the issue is criminal liability instead of civil, HIRE A TAX ATTORNEY.  If you tell anybody from KCTM anything about criminal activities, we will keep it confidential UNLESS a court order tells us to do otherwise.  A tax attorney can keep absolute confidentiality due to attorney-client privilege, but CPA’s and EA’s do not have this same privilege.

If you have a tax problem that does not require the help of a tax attorney, call Kansas City Tax Mediation and schedule a free consultation today.  Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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