IRS Tax Problems

They take up to a third (or more!) of your income.  They have the power to drain your bank account and garnish your wages.  They can turn your life into a living hell.  I’m talking, of course, about the IRS.  Tax issues will cripple you and make you feel trapped.  Without the proper help, IRS tax problems will go from something you worry about occasionally to something that occupies more of  your time and energy than your job does.

We have seen IRS tax collections bring grown men to tears.  We have seen IRS tax collectors do things that were completely unnecessary, making it impossible for a taxpayer to live a normal life.  We have seen IRS taxes turn our clients’ lives inside out.  Most importantly, we have seen those IRS tax problems reversed very quickly when those taxpayers hired Kansas City Tax Mediation to straighten everything out.

Kansas City Tax Mediation is a registered Kansas CPA firm, which means that your IRS tax case is handled by a CPA.  Because we’re a CPA firm, we don’t hard sell, our focus is on providing the highest quality service in dealing with your IRS tax issue.  We find that when clients meet with us to discuss their IRS tax issue (all consultations are free), more often than not they end up becoming a client, and that’s without us offering a “sign up today” discount or “one time only” gimmicks.

Do you have an IRS tax issue?  Are you worried that the IRS might make your life miserable?  If so, call Kansas City Tax Mediation and arrange for a free, face to face consultation.  Kansas City Tax Mediation:  Let’s get through this together.

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