We Specialize in Kansas Tax Problems

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of owing Kansas tax to the Kansas Department of Revenue, then you know that they can be a particularly ruthless organization when it comes to the collection of Kansas tax.  The IRS is an extremely large organization, and whose collection procedures are constantly being reformed through Congress in ways that favor taxpayers.  Not so the Kansas Department of Revenue.  The organization, like the state, is small.  The appeal and settlement options are not the same with for Kansas tax as they are with federal tax.

After working with several of the states, we can say with confidence that the Kansas Department of Revenue is one of the most difficult state collection departments to work with.  The Kansas tax collection procedures are unclear and not available to the public.  They are quick to file substitute returns for taxpayers, they add extra amounts to those returns, they require special paperwork and fees just to replace those returns, they use the Sheriff’s Department to serve tax warrants at people’s homes, and they publish the names and addresses of those who owe delinquent Kansas tax.

If you have a Kansas tax problem, you ought to consider hiring somebody who is familiar with Kansas tax issues to help you out.  Think about it: do you want a national company who claims to be able to solve tax problems in “all fifty states,” or do you want to hire the firm that specializes in Kansas tax?  Kansas City Tax Mediation is a Kansas CPA firm, the CPA holds his license in the state of Kansas, and the office is located right in Johnson County, Kansas.  Tax issues don’t have to make your life miserable, but they will if you’re not careful.

Call today to schedule a free, face to face consultation with our CPA at Kansas City Tax Mediation.  Let’s get through this together.

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