The Mature Approach to Tax Problems

Occasionally we come across somebody with tax problems who says something like this:

“I know I owe taxes and I’m able to pay them, but I don’t want to pay them. Can you get me out of it?”

Now at Kansas City Tax Mediation we don’t judge. We understand that while this person is able to pay their taxes, they probably can think of hundreds of better uses of their money than paying taxes. Maybe they want to donate it to charity, maybe they want to save it up to have a more secure retirement, maybe they’re planning on giving it to son or daughter to help them with a house payment. But the tax problems are preventing these things from happening.

We may respond by saying something like this: “We can advise you about how to best deal with your tax problem, but before you hire us you should know that in general, if you are able to pay your back taxes, then you do not qualify for any kind of settlement for less.”

At this point, we learn whether the taxpayer is a mature individual or not. The immature response is “I’m going to get a second opinion with the first company on the radio or internet that promises to settle all tax problems for pennies on the dollar.” The mature response is “Please advise me on my best options for handling my tax problems.”

If you have tax problems, don’t hesitate. Call Kansas City Tax Mediation and set up a free, face to face consultation. We will advise you on your options for dealing with your tax problems. Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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