Turn IRS Problems into Solutions

If you have IRS problems, whether tax debt, levies, garnishments, unfiled taxes, or an other IRS problems, we can help. We are right here in Johnson County by Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

IRS problems can be difficult. Especially in the case of a garnishment, it is hard to work out anything with the IRS on your own. You are limited on funds, resources, and IRS agents willing to help guide you through what to do with your IRS problem. They don’t want to help. They want your money. And strangely enough, many of the companies offering to help fix your IRS problems think exactly the same way! They want your money, whether they can help you or not.

Don’t go to someone asking for thousands of dollars and guarantees of settling before they even look at your case. It takes precision, expert tax knowledge, and meeting face to face to resolve IRS problems.

Kansas City Tax Mediation is a local CPA firm that specializes in solving IRS problems. We are certified with the BBB and have a track record of successful outcomes for Kansas City area taxpayers with IRS problems. If you think this may be you, consider calling Kansas City Tax Mediation.

Kansas City Tax Mediation is local and we’re here to help you through your IRS problems. No phone salesmen, just professionals happy to meet with you for a free, face to face consultation. Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this together.

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