How To Settle Tax Debts

It is a long process that involves digging into every facet of your life before the IRS will consider the option to settle tax debts. They want information on everything. Your income, expenses, bills, debts, assets, tax history, and anything else they feel will help determine if you qualify to settle tax debt or not. The term used to settle tax debt is Offer in Compromise.

If you are told that they settle tax debt guaranteed, without first examining your case, do not be fooled. There are ways to determine beforehand if you qualify so you do not end up wasting time and money.
If you feel you may qualify to settle tax debts with the IRS, you don’t have to do it alone and you shouldn’t go to a company that is on the other side of the country. Meet with a local tax office who knows how to settle tax debt and deal with the IRS on your behalf.

We are located right here in Kansas City and we can help you through the process of determining if you qualify to settle tax debt with the IRS. It doesn’t have to be a painful process anymore. We know what we are doing and we want you to have the best resources available to get the job done right. Call us right now to make an appointment and we will see if an Offer In Compromise is right for you. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we are local, we are experts, let’s get through this together.

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