Get Caught Up On Your Back Taxes Now

Back taxes can happen to anyone. Life gets in the way. You expect you’ll owe a lot. You don’t have time and the deadline comes and goes. Suddenly you have years of back taxes that start to catch up with you in a bad way. The IRS or your state’s Department of Revenue start sending you letters letting you know you owe them. When you have unfiled back taxes for either the state or IRS, they tend to decide how much they think you owe. They don’t have all the information. They go off what your employer reported, or your investment firm reported, or whoever reported that they paid you or made some sort of financial transaction with you that is taxable to you. But having unfiled back taxes prevents your side of the story from being told.

You know more than the IRS or Department of Revenue in your state when it comes to your taxable financial history. You can only tell that story when you file your back taxes and current taxes. Don’t let them be the ones overcharging you on what tax debts you have. Meet with an expert tax preparer who will go over all your back taxes with you and get your tax story told to the IRS and Department of Revenue in your state. Don’t be left owing more than you should. At Kansas City Tax Mediation, we will get your back taxes prepared, filed, and get your tax debt under control. Call us now and schedule an appointment to get your tax story told. Kansas City Tax Mediation: Let’s get through this, together.

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