CPA or Tax Attorney?

It is fairly simple to know which you need in your particular tax situation. A CPA can handle most tax situations, from back taxes, to garnishments, and even audits. A tax attorney handles tax court cases, legal investigations, like tax fraud, and appeals beyond the normal tax audit.

It is important to know that a tax attorney can maintain attorney/client privileges while a CPA cannot; when a case goes to tax court or you are being investigated for tax fraud or illegal tax maneuvers, you wouldn’t want to hire a CPA; instead, hire a tax attorney, who may choose to hire a CPA to assist. In that case, the CPA would have attorney-client privilege through the tax attorney. A tax attorney is knowledgeable in tax laws, and many CPA’s are, too. You can go to either a tax attorney or a CPA for many of your tax questions, like how to report your business expenses, and what tax forms to file for different tax situations.

Kansas City Tax Mediation is here to help with audits, tax questions, accounting issues, garnishments, tax liens, and many more. We will always be happy to help and to direct you to seek a tax attorney if the tax problem you have calls for their help. We want to make sure you have every resource available to help you through a difficult tax situation. When you meet with us, we will look at your case, offer what help we can, and if need be, refer you to a tax attorney who is better suited to help you. The main goal for us and the tax attorney is to help you and represent you properly.

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